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  • [CCB Beta] Account Status Post Beta & Account Wiping

    Hey all, Tivinu here from the Design team.

    An area of question I've seen popping up on the forums a few times now is account status post Beta and account wiping, so I thought I'd take a moment to let you know our current thoughts on this.

    We're really grateful of all the effort you have put in so far, and we want to maintain as much of your progress as possible, however with some potential upcoming changes certain things may need to change.

    So what'll be staying the same for sure?
    • Your current card collection
      • All Troop, Spell, Tower and Hero cards will be completely preserved (plus any progress you have made towards upgrades)
    • Your current Gem count.

    What may see tweaks or changes?
    • Your current Gold count.
    • Your current Honor levels.
    (We're looking at gifts for players who have levels over certain amounts!)

    Hopefully that helps to clear things up for most people, look forwards to seeing some of you in a Duel!


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