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  • [CCB Beta] Server Data Update

    Champions! We're releasing a server data update today which will include several server-side improvements to the game.

    Matchmaking - The most important of these changes that you’ll notice is big improvements to the DUELS Matchmaking System. These changes should result in much better matchmaking for all players where you’ll be matched with opponents of an appropriate level and deck, this should make for much more enjoyable, as well as challenging, battles for all. So no more easy wins, you’ll have to earn those rewards now!

    Other Fixes:

    Opening Chest Crash – Some players reported that when opening chests, they were experiencing a crash. This was caused by tapping on the chest multiple times, we’ve now implemented a fix for this where multiple tapping will have the same effect as a single tap.

    Stuck on 50% loading – Occasionally when timed-out, if a player then tried to re-load the game they would sometimes get stuck on 50% loading. Our programmers have now squashed this bug and you should no longer experience this.

    We'll also be releasing our first game update next week which will include more bug fixes, balance changes and much more! This is all thanks to the help of your feedback, so keep it coming!

    Let us know your thoughts on the new matchmaking system and we’ll see you on the battlefield!