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Castle Creeps Battle - Update 1.1.0

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  • Castle Creeps Battle - Update 1.1.0

    Welcome to the Castle Creeps Battle Beta!

    Update 1.1.0 - What’s New!?

    Castle Creeps Battle
    A fantastic new name for an incredible game!

    In-Game Store
    Now open for business! Grab awesome, instant open Chests straight from the in-game Store.

    Bonus rewards in Victory Chests
    Special mini events where we’ll be packing Victory Chests with even more loot, including gems! Look out for in-game notifications, so you don’t miss out!

    Arenas 6-10
    As more Champions progress, Arenas 6 - 10 will open up for even greater battles!

    Better Matchmaking
    We’ve made big improvements to the matchmaking system that should see you more equally matched with players (and bots) of the same level.

    Balance Changes
    We’ve tweaked loads of deck cards, nerfing some, while buffing others, more details below.

    Economy Updates
    With the introduction of the store, we’ve updated the economy to reflect this change.

    Many optimizations and bug fixes
    The team have been hard at work squashing bugs and optimizing the gameplay!

    Full Update 1.1.0 Changelog

    Animation Timing Tweaks
    Several fixes to timings for when Troops & Towers deal damage/shoot a projectile to better match their visuals. Changed:
    • Goblins & Goblin Horde
    • Bomb Goblin
    • Orc Berserker
    • Assassin
    • Rangers & Hunting Party
    • Crypt Minions
    • Corrupted Knight
    • Juggernaut
    • Alpha Wargs
    • Dwarves
    • Goblin Flyers & Goblin Airforce
    • Forest Dragon
    • Bow Tower

    Combat & Collision
    Several melee Troops have had their collision sizes and attack radius’ looked at with the goals of better visual representation and reducing the amount of time units (notably in swarms) spend blocking each other. Changed:
    • Goblin & Goblin Horde
    • Orc Raiders
    • Dwarves
    • Crypt Minions

    Projectile Speed & Target Checking
    Ranged Troops have had their targeting logic and projectile speeds improved to help them feel more responsive and smart in combat (less time shooting at stuff that is already dead!). Targeting checks affected all ranged combat, whilst projectile speed increases changed:
    • Sharpshooter
    • Rangers & Hunting Party
    • Forest Dragon
    • Goblin Flyers & Goblin Airforce
    • Bomb Goblin

    • AoE Radius has been increased from 3.5 to 4. This helps to make the spell a more forgiving and makes it a little easier to hit all members of a Hunting Party or Goblin Airforce when you’re looking for those value plays!
    • Missile Speed has been reduced (by roughly a 1/3), two main reasons for this: Firstly, to help with the spell’s feel (felt like it needed to either be a bit faster or a bit slower, but wasn’t right as it was). Secondly, to reintroduce some of the skill and mastery lost with the radius increase through requiring better prediction.

    Future Dev
    Cryptlord – Resurrection
    • Coming Soon! We have some readability improvements coming in for Cryptlord’s Resurrection during 1.1. When channeling his ability, a summoning circle will appear on the ground where the Crypt Minions are going to spawn from. This should help when players have missed his animation and suddenly find themselves ambushed by a handful of the mace-wielding undead!
    Forest Dragon
    • Coming Soon! Everyone’s favorite scourges of the skies (unless you’re a Goblin Flyer) is getting some visual updates during 1.1 to help them out when attacking other flying units. Keep your eyes peeled.
    • Coming Soon! During 1.1 you’ll see some further improvements to the Frenzy spell including a buff to its Effect Radius (going from 3.5 to 6!) and greater visual clarity on what is and isn’t buffed.
    Watch List
    We’ve got a few things that aren’t actively getting any balance changes with this patch, but we wanted to let you know they are on our radar. We’re waiting to get some more data and insight into how they’re performing before we make any changes.

    Dwarves & Infantry Tower
    • Hunch is they provide a tad too much value for a 2-drop. If they prove to be an issue, we’ll trial some damage or movement speed reductions before hitting HP (as that is their main thing and we want to preserve their identity as mini-tanks).
    Kusk – Payload
    • The current feeling is it may be a tad weak, looking at increasing the main blast AoE radius to make it more forgiving.