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    Ice please check if you can do something for clan points. at the moment there are 7 clansin the top clan ranks which have wrong ponts. their points are only that high because many of the guys didnt login yet in the game and still have theri battle chips from last season. but its already 5 days and it will take again some days until we get more points than them. for these about 8 days the clan rankings are wrong/useless.

    there MUST be a way to fix that. also if i dont know how its programmed, there should be a way to show the correct battle chips of clans. for example with a cronjob which calculates battle chips when a new season starts or something like the clans show only the battle chips of the current season and not old ones like with using different values for each players season battle chips: example: xario battle chips of season 12 = 123456, xario battle chips of season 13 = 0 and because we have season 13 it only the 0 battle chips

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    I'll explain how the system works, you might already know this, but for those that don't.

    When a Season Ends, what happens is that the first time you log in after the end of the season your BattleChips are traded in for the Season Chest that you managed to reach during that season. However, until you log in after the season ends, your profile retains all of your Battlechips so that when you log in your are shown the correct reward ceremony. To change this system would take a lot of work and unfortunately could introduce bugs to other areas of the game.

    I'll have a word with the team about it and see if there's anything we can do.