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Match making bug is real

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  • Match making bug is real

    Hi folks, I wrote about this bug before. It’s definitely a bug because I’ve played thousands of games over months and never matched with most of my friends. So I sit here and play this game with my friends, similar level cards, we match at the same time, and each match bots and never play each other. Most in my clan have similar cards but I’ve only ever matched with 2 people (who don’t even play anymore) out of 20 people who I know are online and matching and having same level cards. If it’s not a bug I kept playing for weeks, but still never match to people who I want to play and are trying to match with me. Filing a bug means people tell me it’s not a bug so this way nothing can be fixed. I’ve got about $100 into this game and I’m disappointed that my money was wasted. I’m not going to argue if this is really a bug or not because it is, and I’m quitting so it doesn’t matter. There is also the bug where if your clan gets too many points they disappear from the leaderboard. Because of these bugs, there is really no point to this game. I politely suggest withdrawing it from the app stores.

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    We performed a server update yesterday that should have fixed the issue with the Clan Points being reported incorrectly.

    As for the reason that you're not being matched with your friends, the team has suggested that this is probably because you and your friends have very different MMR (Match Making Ratings) and because of this the system does not match you.

    We are currently investigating options to help in this area and hope to have a solution soon.


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      I told you people this was a problem last november and you kept it the same and all the players left. what a waste of your time and money creating a game like this and never realizing that the matchmaking is not working, despite so many people telling you.


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        I don't know how to fix the problem and I am not experienced enough to have an opinion.