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unit gets frozen if top card is selected and iOS top pull-down menu is triggered

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  • unit gets frozen if top card is selected and iOS top pull-down menu is triggered

    Hi guys. Been playing since the summer. Registered to see if anyone else has experienced what I think is a bug. If I am in the middle of a match and select the top most card to deploy it and place it on the battle the same time I also pull down the top iOS notifications screen by accident (very frustrating), when I push the notifications screen back up, my top card (whatever unit it is) is frozen and the unit is unplayable and the card slot is unusable after that. Sorry for the wordy description. I will have to get some screenshots of it.

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    Thank you for taking the time to register on the forum to let us know about this issue you've been experiencing.

    Firstly, I'd like to apologize for you having this issue. Could I ask one more favor, could you send me a private message with your Player ID so we can investigate further. You'll find your Player ID at the bottom of the setting menu.

    To send me a Private message you can either click/tap the little speech bubble icon next to my username or you can simply Click/Tap HERE


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      PM sent. I’ve been trying to take screenshots of it occurring during gameplay, but now I can’t purposely recreate it. Go figure.


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        no worries, we can look at the analytics for your profile and hopefully that may shed some light on what's happening.


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          For your viewing pleasure. First photo is 2:00 left in game and the second photo is :05 left in the game. The top card was the goblin flyers. Order of events:

          - selected goblin flyers to place them in front of bottom cannon tower
          - accidentally pulled down notifications screen
          - pushed up notifications screen
          - photos are the result

          I have to play the rest of the game like that with no goblin flyers (card is in play, but not really) and no top card slot (slot is empty, but does not refill).

          I am using an iPhone 5s.