Ice i just had a new bug which i never saw again:
  1. i fight normally against Lilith
  2. i win after about 1.5 minutes.
  3. game freeze at battle end screen with no button of "continue" - it happens sometimes but not often in the last weeks.
  4. i hard close game.
  5. i open game.
  6. game starts normally but i am in the fight again and the timer shows "2:30". i cant deploy any cards and the opponent also doesnt deploy cards.
  7. i hard close game.
  8. i get a popup of bluestacks emulator (screenshot) and have to restart the emulator.
  9. everything normal again and the fight didnt count as a loss (win streak 60).
it only happened once and maybe its a bluestacks thing. but i wanted to inform you with the exact information
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