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  • Shadow priestess

    Just a question have there been changes made to the shadow priestess before she was flying and now she is only ground and the cost rate I believe was different

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    Since no one is here to answer your question and I don't know; I will tell you what I DO know.

    The Shadow Priestess is a new card: The Shadow Priestess, for some had a bug; the Shadow Priestess was playing as a Bonegoyle, and was free instead of 5; the Shadow Priestess bug is now fixed. The Shadow Priestess may break Goblin Flyers and Warg Packs great advantage...maybe even goblin horde...The Goblin Horde is much less terrifying with a quarter of them destroyed at once.

    UsedToPlayDota or Ice ice may be of more use to you.


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      Cheers Stingy Bogart its been a tough couple of months. We will take any help we can get.
      And he cometh down from the heaven and bringth war upon the earth!!!


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        Ok instead of making a new page I have been having some issues with the mage when I get froze and my duration is up I am still froze until I die I can attack when enemy’s are close but it will not unfreeze my card is this suppose to be this way or is it a glitch


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          Stingy and red i am Jimbo slice I am still learning but thank you both for the help you both have provided