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One Month Down - Still unable to play

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  • One Month Down - Still unable to play

    It's been nearly one full month without my game. I entered a ticket with Outplay, I receive promising emails saying that the problem had been turned in to the developers, & that a fix is on the way & that extra gems will be placed into my account. Now I don't even get replies to my emails. If you could even tell me that I need to wipe my account from my iPhone and iPad & start all over that would be great. However you won't even advise me on that. One month down without a fix. I can't fathom that the problem is like rocket science to fix!

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    I am sorry that you are having difficulty.


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      They got me up & running after a month or so, awarded me 1000 gems for the downtime which was nice however in no way was a match up for all that I lost when unable to play. It's darn good to be back! Thanks Stingy Bogart!


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        Find a good guild.
        FILL your friends list with ACTIVE players.
        Work your chests the best that you can.
        You will be at the top in no time.