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  • Yellow and Red WiFi symbols

    Is anyone else still having these symbols appear while in the midst of a battle? While my opponent continues its attack I am unable to counter for a few to several seconds. This 2-5 second delay has cost me many a victories. It is especially frustrating when I am up against an opponent and it is a close match or even overtime and I lose the last tower causing me to lose the battle.. Although many issues and bugs have been addressed and corrected this seems to be one that in still occurring.

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    Its a known issue. I have these lags not so often as weeks ago. Other players continue to have them like you and Shadowsong


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      Yeah, I still run into the red and yellow wifi symbol popping up during battles and it can get frustrating, especially when it pops up just when I throw Mason's boomerang so it then misses what it was intended to hit, or it messes up the timing of a Blast spell. Though, like xario mentioned, it is happening less for me than it was a few weeks ago. And I rarely get a total game crash and restart these days. So things are getting better, so there is forward progress as they work out the bugs and make needed tweaks while we are still in beta.

      Knowing I lost a battle because the game restarted or the red wifi symbol popped up a few times in the same battle can get frustrating. I feel your pain Oopie. Would you say that you are getting the wifi symbol more or less or about the same as a few weeks ago?


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        It's hard to say... I will a days to a week without it occuring. Then it may happen once then days before it happens again. Then it seems to happen in almost every battle throughout an entire day and so on... The past 2 day it has been extremely bad. It hasn't been like this in quite some time. I'm home for the weekend before heading back out on the road for the week. I've used both routers including the 5G setting along with my data plan. Nothing seems to made a difference.
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          Oopie and all other players who have connection problems like that: on issues like that its great to have the exact date/time and the country. Of course first you should try to make sure its not your internet which makes the problems.

          i think Ice will give some advice or suggestion in the next days.


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            04/24/2018 between 05:00 - 06:00 am EST. Approximately 5/6 battles in a row with only 1 nonissue round. The symbol appeared and froze up the game for a few seconds and actually lost connection in the middle of 2 of them. I was able reconnect a split second before losing...


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              Hmm... Just happened to me again... Yellow then red symbol. 22.25 in the UK. Game quit and didn't reload properly - loading bar got stuck on 50%​ - does seem to have been particular common for a few days.

              Wouldn't be quite so frustrating if your coins etc. reset to what they were before the battle rather than being lost.

              I'd guess the other player had similar issues as they seemed to stop playing before the symbols appeared.

              Ah well - you win some, you lose some, some you get disconnected



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                I've spoken to the team about why the WiFi symbol is appearing and they've informed me that they are looking into this issue. However, it's a little trickier to nail down as connection drop-outs don't seem to happen to everybody at the same time, making it extremely difficult to discover the cause.

                I'm going to try and explain how players connect to the CCB Game Server and what could possibly be causing this issue, this way it will hopefully make it a little clearer as to why this can happen.

                Outplay Entertainment is based in the UK, but this doesn't mean that when a player connects to the game server that they are connecting to the UK. What actually happens with most mobile games is they have an instance of the game server running on multiple Datacenters (server farms) around the world and the player simply connects to whichever Datacenter is closest to them. These Datacenters then have incredibly fast connections to other Datacenters meaning that there is minimal loss of data. So, when all is said and done this network of Datacenters around the world means that no matter where you are in the world you should have a good quality connection to other players and the game server. This tends to rule out the possibility that the issue is related to your location around the world.

                Other factors that can affect your connection to the game server:

                ISP (Internet Service Provider) issues - Often ISP's can suffer from bad connections or stale connections. The problem with this is that the connection can often be very intermittent as a result, no problem if you are streaming due to the buffering but if you're playing a game then it can cause all sorts of problems. Restarting your router can often resolve this issue by giving you a fresh connection.

                Stale Connections - Sometimes your connection to your ISP can become stale over time, most ISPs recommend refreshing your connection by restarting your router regularly and especially if you start to notice connection issues. Simply restarting your router will normally give you a fresh connection to your ISP and a more stable connection.

                Problematic Connection Hop - Between your home and your ISP there are probably 1-3 hops (each hop is a server that your connection passes through to reach its destination). However, once your connection leaves your ISP it can pass through multiple other servers before reaching its destination. The problem with this is, if any of these servers along the connection is having an issue then it can cause you problems. Phoning your ISP to complain won't do any good because once the connection leaves your ISP's server they have no control over the other servers the connection passes through and therefor they have no way to fix the issue. Again, restarting your router might help this issue as the new connection may take a different route.

                Datacenter Issues - On rare occasions, Datacenters can experience issues, but these are normally cleared quickly though. That said that doesn't mean this could not also be the cause.

                Distance to Router – Depending on where you are in your home compared to where your router is located this can often affect your connection. Concrete walls, other WiFi devices, neighbors WiFi signals, electrical interference or simply the distance to your router can all affect your connection causing temporary dropouts as your device tries to reconnect.

                This is by no means a definitive list of possible causes as there are multiple other causes for internet connection issues, the point of this post was simply to let players understand that although it might seem like a simple thing to fix, in actual fact it can be one of the hardest issues to fix.


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                  thanks for the information Ice. is there anything we can really do or log to help you? of course if its an own problem you maybe cant do much but if there is a chance we can help you fixing it somehow, we should try it in my opinion.

                  PS: For me the problem isn´t really important because it doesn´t happen often and it doesn´t make me lose in most cases.


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                    There's always more optimisation that we can be done our end and already there has been improvements in this area. However, the point of the post was to highlight that there isn't necessarily a one fix fixes all solution to this issue and that many factors can contribute to this, especially when it comes to synchronous PvP battles where connection is more important than say a base/empire building game.


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                      06:50am EST USA. Here's a new one... in the middle of a battle the screen just froze for several seconds but the audio continued. I could here what was happening.. No WiFi symbols, no lost connection. By the the screen was no longer frozen I had lost 2 towers and close to loosing a 3rd. Needless to say I just finishing playing itself out as there I had chance after that...


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                        That's a new one to me as well Oopie. I have been noticing more crashes and slowdowns this weekend, probably with more people playing to take advantage of the event. I have also had the honor to play against more actual players than any other weekend. And as Ice mentioned, things like this are hard to pin down sometimes with all of the variables, but with us reporting them and giving times and details should help them identify things that are out of the normal than just the regular yellow and red wifi icon displaying and sporadic game restart. Maybe just us in the USA get to experience the strange game connection situations


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                          i also got more connection and restart issues this weekend. most times on playing against normal players and not bots. with bots i have normally very good connections. so i think the internet connection of my enemies cause these problems and there is no reason to really report these problems.


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                            Like a few other players have mentioned, this seems to not be an issue for me so far after the last update. I only got the yellow wifi symbol once since the update, but it went away very quickly without turning red, and that was probably from my internet connection so is likely not a bug. Thanks for fixing this!


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                              It's great to hear that this issue seems to have improved dramatically since the last update, those last optimisations seem to have done the trick