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  • Matchmaking

    Looking to find out how you base your matching of opponents lately I’ve been matched up against people with drastically higher levels than me, very frustrating hard to continue

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    Welcome to the forums Nelsonite2. What Arena are you currently playing in? To my understanding, players are matched up with fairly equal level bots, when there are no actual players looking for games at the same time as you in your region of the world. Since the game just globally launched last week, until the playerbase grows and other players progress through the arenas, you will probably run into some bots.

    For actual player matchmaking, if you are in arena 10, you may be running into some players that were involved in the early access beta and will have some higher level cards. I am not sure the exact mechanics of the player based matchmaking but if you are playing in arena 10, you may want to play more in arena 9 until the new player base catches up to arena 10 and there will then be more actual players to choose from for matchmaking. This will also give you time to hone your deck and skills. Comments, questions and suggestions like yours will help things. As they will probably be looking at player activity and data to tweak the matchmaking even more.

    Another thing to try, if you find that you are being matched with the same player in back to back games is to wait a minute or two before going into your next battle to try to avoid that same player.


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      The way we calculate Matchmaking is through a system we call the Matchmaking Ranking System which gives each player a matchmaking score based on their skill and win rate. The system then matches you with another player with a similar matchmaking score.

      This all sounds perfect doesn't it. However, occasionally when there is a player that is particularly good at the game it can cause that player to be matched with players that have progressed further than them but actually have the same matchmaking score.

      Let me break this down a little further for you:

      Player A has just started playing the game recently and has played a total of 20 games so far, that player has won 80% of those games and because of how good that player has performed in those 20 matches he is given a high Matchmaking Score, lets say 80 for demonstration purposes.

      Player B started playing the game over a month ago and has played a total of 50 games so far, that player has won 50% of those matches and because of this he has also been given a Matchmaking Score of 80.

      In the example above both players have the same Matchmaking score but Player B, because he has been playing a lot longer, has Towers and Cards 3-5 levels higher than Player A. So when Player A sees this they think "Hey, how's this fair".

      In this example Player A may be you if you were winning a lot when you first started playing, and the reason that you are being matched with these players is because you're actually pretty good at the game and the matchmaking system is trying to give you a challenging opponent.

      I hope this makes it a little easier to understand why this is happening to you, it's actually a compliment on how well you play.


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        I was having trouble in arena 6 so I went back to playing in 4, helped a little. What Ice said makes sense I went on a 12 game winning streak so my win percentage is high, good to know that after I get more games in my stats it will level out. Thanks for the speedy reply guys


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          That system sounds seriously flawed. And ive witnessed how flawed it is. I was in my 4th day of playing this game and in arena 1, i matched up against a player who had level 6 tower cards. Even if we do have the same matchmaking score, its still not on even grounds. Its not a FAIR fight. Ive played in many arena 4 or 5 matches where my opponent had level 5 or 6 tower cards and i had a level 4 crowssbow and a level 2 cannon tower. Those players would steamroll right through me. Why? Higher level cards, thats why. Same deck for the most part. Just had 3 or 4 levels on my cards. Yeah, not even close to being competitive. Your system severely needs to be looked at if you want to keep new players. I felt like Im getting robbed being forced to play these high level players when im still low level.


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            I can say from experience that the first couple days are rough but it levels out after about a week keep at it Comanche guy!