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The million dollar question

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  • The million dollar question

    Does anyone else have trouble filling empty slots with active members that can donate cards and help others? Advice? Opinions? We are not looking to go stagnant but to keep climbing the leaderboard.

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    Yes. Its hard because many strong quit


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      We end up with a lot of new players not that I have anything against that. We have some that started in their beginning journey and have turned into key players and awesome friends but the vast majority join play a few, never donate, not heard from again and are purged for new players. Frustrating.


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        Yep it sucks that is how my 1st clan was, once you have a few key players and a line app to keep in contact and swap tips you tend to have a more solid group going even if they take minor breaks.

        Had I not been part of apoc clan with continual chatting I'd probably would've stopped playing a month or 2 ago as no one in my clan was active. (The few who were had left)


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          What’s the line app astral?


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            Very hard .....ive seen so many players leave. I stayed hoping to see change and i have just not in the one thing i always hoped and that was real PVP against real player's.
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