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What is the Contest of Champions Arena?

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  • What is the Contest of Champions Arena?

    What is the Contest of Champions Arena?

    This special arena, only available once you've proved your mettle on the battlefield and reached Arena 10, is where you can challenge some of the best players in the world in a low risk, adrenaline pumping, battle to the death!

    You won't get chests from this arena, but you can hone your skills and practice battle strategies against some of the toughest opponents here!

    The Contest of Champions Arena is unique because:
    • Normal matchmaking rules are ignored, so you may be matched against players whose skill level and cards are very different from your own
    • No chests are awarded for winning, just bragging rights.
    • There are no bots in this Arena
    • Because the matchmaking pool is smaller it may take longer to connect to a game than other Arenas
    • Unlocked when you reach Arena 10
    How can I play against a specific opponent?

    Even though you are unable to challenge specific players directly within Castle Creeps Battle, you can increase your chances of being matched with a specific player by following a few steps.

    To increase your chances of being matched with a specific player:
    • Both players enter the Contest of Champions arena at roughly the same time.
    • As players from different regions are unable to play against each other, ensure that both players are connected to the same regional server at the same time, these servers being:
      • America
      • Europe
      • Asia

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    Thanks for the details Ice


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      Glad to hear from you Ice hope all is well and thank you for information. Hope to see you more often as your one of a very few that makes an effort to talk to us.
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