There are currently 6 Types of Chest in the game
  • Season Chest – Given for free every 28 days – upgradable during a season by increasing your maximum Battle Chip total
  • Shield Chest – Unlocks by winning 20 Shields – Shields are won in Battle by destroying enemy towers
  • Free Chest – Automatically earned every 4 hours – a player can store two unopened Free Chests at once
  • Iron Chest – Awarded for watching a short video
  • Victory Chests (Silver, Gold, Giant, Battle, and Super Battle variants) – awarded for winning Battles. The player has up to 4 Victory Chests at once. A Victory Chest takes between 3 and 24 hours to open
  • Rare, Epic and Mythic Chests – Chests available in the shop to purchase with
Gems, contains many Cards, including Cards of a guaranteed rarity matching their respective names.