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What are Heroes?

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  • What are Heroes?

    Heroes are the centerpiece of your team. All heroes
    • have a unique defensive style while on their tower
    • have a unique special ability
    • can be deployed into a field as powerful Troops
      • although that leaves the Hero’s tower defenceless
    We currently have 4 Heroes
    • Mason
      • Tower Defence – Uses his Double Axe to sheer through any Troops attacking his Tower
      • Special Ability – Hurls his Double Axe like a boomerang across the Battlefield
      • Troop – When deployed mason can slice through multiple enemies at close range, while also giving surrounding teammates a speed boost
    • Kusk
      • Tower Defence – Fires off two explosive cannonball rounds to attacking enemies
      • Special Ability – Fires a massive explosive payload to a targeted location on the Battlefield
      • Troop – Kusk takes his explosive cannonball launcher into the Battlefield
    • Ember
      • Tower Defence – Fires off a volley of flaming arrows scattered across
      • Special Ability – Send a volley of arrows anywhere on the Battlefield, creating a pool of flames that will damage any enemy Troops that walk through it
      • Troop – Ember enters the battlefield with her powerful bow that can outrange towers, and damage all incoming attackers
    • Crypt Lord
      • Tower Defence – Crypt Lord summons a Crypt Minion Troop to defend his tower for him
      • Special Ability – Crypt Lord summons several Crypt Minions to any location on the Battlefield
      • Troop – Crypt Lord enters the battlefield with his powerful Umbral Club weapon, all the while summoning Crypt Minions to fight alongside him