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New Chests & Daily Quests

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  • [CCB] New Chests & Daily Quests

    1.14.0 Update:

    Tivinu here to let you all know what’s been happening on CCB!


    Daily Quests & Quest Chest

    Do you like Quests? How about completing them, and what about rewards? If you answered yes to any of these, then do we have a new system for you; Daily Quests!

    In Daily Quests, each player receives 3 Quests daily to achieve, each with their own reward. But wait, that’s not all; should you complete all 3 quests and collect your Shield Chest then you’ll be rewarded with the new Quest Chest. Just make sure to complete them all in one day mind you!
    • 3 Quests each day
    • Reset daily (once completed)
    • Rewards for completing each quest
    • Special Quest Chest if you completed all 3 Quest and your Shield Chest
    • Certain Quests can be refreshed

    Shop Chests

    Speaking of Chests, we’ve updated what’s on offer in the shop; say goodbye to Battle, Mega, and Super Battle Chests and now welcome Rare, Epic and Mythic Chests!

    These new chests are perfect for if you’re looking to get cards of their particular rarity, a nifty way to increase the odds of getting those cards that you’re after!

    New Troops Coming Soon

    Just to keep you all in the loop we have two exciting new Troops that we’re busy testing away now and can’t wait to get them to you in the next couple of updates, so watch this space!

    Download Update

    Head on over to your App Store now to Download the Update!

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    If the update is not currently available should notice that it starts to appear across the different territories throughout the day.


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      Thank you for the update love to see new things being added


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        cant get the quest chest i think the problem is that i finished my shield chest before the quest comes out


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          Originally posted by Lilith View Post
          cant get the quest chest i think the problem is that i finished my shield chest before the quest comes out
          This happened to me as well. I was thinking the same thing. It is probably because we did the shield chest prior to this new update. So just have to wait about 9 hours for the refresh.


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            same issue here, Lilith and Shadowsong
            i just hope this doesnt become a loop where each day ends with 3/4 chests won

            mods help ^_^


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              Ice cool update- thanks
              the word "Completed" isnt centered for the shield chest as for the other quests.

              i also hope that you add more and more possible daily chests in future

              and i think you should balance them a bit. for arena 10 players is the "win 1.000 battle" chips quest a joke. about the reward of every quest i have no idea because i am out of normality with my 1.5M gold :P. 150 gold per quest is maybe low (but not sure).

              the win 3 battles is also not really usefull when someone already got 20 shields he easily won 3 times normally. and the open any chest i didnt try yet (just installed the update) but if it means "open a slot chest" or "open a free chest" its also too easy to complete

              i wait to check if tomorrow are other quests there - that would be cool :P

              possible future update idea: every day you complete all quests, if you also completed the day before, your income increase. for example first day 74 cards, second day 74 cards + 7 (10%) cards. third day 74 cards + 7 cards + 8 cards. fourth day you didnct comple and it start then on fifth day again from 74 cards.


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                Originally posted by Lilith View Post
                cant get the quest chest i think the problem is that i finished my shield chest before the quest comes out
                Yes this is to do with you already completing your shield chest for today. I hadn't completed my Shield Chest today and each of my wins took me closer to unlocking the Quest Chest.


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                  Ice a quest for me is "Upgrade a Rare Card" :P its really hard for players who have nearly (or even maybe all) rare cards maxed :P <- should be balanced in my opinion. and then i replaced it and the new quest was "Upgrade 3 Common Cards" <- same problem. to upgrade again i would need 20 gems <- its not worth it. so for today its not worth for me to finish the quests <- pretty disappointing.

                  edit: also if it was not worth i wanted to test it and spent 20 gems to refresh it again. it was replaced by "Upgrade 1 epic card"... i used again 20 gems and it was replaced by "upgrade 3 cards". i used 20 gems again and it was replaced by "upgrade an epic card". i feel really disappointed and stop spending gems for that.
                  so it seems that the new quests give again a bonus to newer players and disadvantage old players with high cards which cant be upgraded so often...

                  it seems that quests have "categories" (because i changed the quest so often but couldnt change the category "upgrade cards". thats a big problem. a quest refresh should change the category of the quest. for example if i refresh "upgrade 3 cards" it should became something like "win 5 battles".
                  Last edited by xario; 9th November 2018, 06:57 AM.


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                    I do not know how to say it but I'm really disappointed with the new update, the upgrade quests are really stupid sorry but how should a player upgrade cards every day?
                    I think many players think like me in our clan all hate the upgrade quests!!


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                      Well this was a little lack luster... I appreciate sending new content out but in my opinion this should have waited for more important issues (IMO)...the tease for new characters is intriguing and hope these drop happen sooner rather than later.

                      As far as content of the quests prensented in this update I would have to agree that so far the tasks are easy. Even the upgrade one (perhaps less so for seasoned players) though I suspect they must have some cards they never/rarely use (dragon flame!!


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                        how the hell should i do the update quest? :P its really bad for high level players. i have exactly 0 updates i can do. i think for me the update is really bad because i will nearly never be able to get the quest chesst. and if the incomplete quest of a day is also there in the next day, i will maybe be able to do the dayly quest for 1-2 times in the next months...
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                          ouch: incomplete Daily Quests stay active :/
                          Click image for larger version

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                            Love the new stuff makes the game more fun to play every day. But to level Up cards challenge is only good if you are starting out. That’s just my opinion


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                              The idea of a quest chest was a very good idea... I would have prefer it first for clan quest.

                              BUT... Very disapointed...

                              On the way to equilibrate it.

                              For everybody the Shield chest was interesting and profitable...

                              Now you need to do it for ONLY one gem and much less cards.

                              AND to do the quest chest.

                              So today I spent 24 gems to win 1+2 gems with the two chests.

                              I spent 2000 golds to open the 10 chests in time

                              I spent more time to win (pity shieldchest+quest chest) as many cards (or less?) than before with just 4 games to win (20shields).

                              The global idea isn't bad but it would be thought to equilibrate the quests, the earnings, the time spent/earnings... so u'll have to listen and hear the players feedbacks on it.

                              I forgot the quest on unit upgrade isn't fair... some will have 50 golds to spent and others whohave increase all units will have thousands of golds to spend... some who have already all up... won't have any unit to up.

                              Use a kind of cards (20 times) would be a better quest for all than upgrade it.