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  • Matching algorithm?

    Is the matching algorithm supposed to match me 3 out of 4 times with the exact same person where all of their troops and towers are between 2 and 4 levels higher than mine? Seems a great way to discourage newer players from trying to progress when they literally have zero chance to win a match and are lucky if they get 1 tower down. Certainly these match ups will and probably should happen occasionally but 3 times in 4 matches with the exact same player seems excessive.

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    I haven’t played in months because it never matched me to anyone i knew in the same clan. I had thousands of matches and only several times faced 2 people in my clan and never anybody else even though close power levels. Was wondering if anything changed with how that works.


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      It is possible for two players to intentionally rematch each other.
      -When the match ends, rejoin Arena 10; if both players join at the same time, they will be matched.