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Plaque is too powerful

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  • Plaque is too powerful

    Plaque is too powerful for its cost. Anything that puts a temporary field on the play area that kills things needs to either do less damage, or cost more. It is too easy to protect ranged and other troops in an area with it and I think really needs to be balanced for its effect on game play.

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    I fink plague is good and don’t need change nothing.


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      Plague used to cost 6 and last twice as long: 6 was deemed "too expensive" for an area denial spell.
      *I REALLY enjoyed the MORE powerful version, but other players viewed plague as not cost effective. Opinions may change with the addition of arena 11, but it is too late.
      -If I were to agree that Plague is overpowered, I would suggest the same total damage, over 1.5 seconds.
      This would flat out change plague from an area denial spell to a dps spell.
      -Another 'fix' would be to have the same total damage, but make the spell last longer. THIS is what I would like to see: a true area denial spell, requiring expert decisions to be forced out of the players.

      demand inspires innovation

      I compared plague to blast in order to reference my opinion. Blast has a knockback effect and does MUCH more damage, all at once.

      One of the things to consider is the situations that these cards will be used in.

      To end this, you would be REALLY mad if Plague was still twice as long, lol.
      -Same power, but 6 sec of area denial to near ensure a tower takedown.
      *I remember is as bigger too, but it might just seem bigger with all its power.
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        Thanks for the background Stingy Bogart. I just started a month ago and did not know the history.