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Super chests not random !

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  • Super chests not random !

    The last ones...
    - Winning a league : super battle chest... One common card : 0 Goblins flyers... Just the one I have already maxed... 1 chance on 10 to have it... Bad luck !
    - Season chest : Goblins flyers... (700 cards lost) 0 goblins flyers... again 1 chance on 10... Bad luck !
    - New super battle chest... Guess it what common card ? Goblins Flyers so 0card again... 1 cahnce on ten...
    And it was the same before...
    So 1 chance on 1 000 to have such a bad luck !
    Bad luck ????
    No !
    Just cheating... The chests are not random.
    Pay pay pay to win...
    Unfair way !

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    I also noticed that on different phones, the better chests appear around the same time; leading me to believe that they are not randomly won in the arenas.


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      It's the case on clash royale... You have a site which say you all the chests to come.
      Why not... but not the cards in the chest who are the cards you have already maxed...
      One time ok... bad luck but not 3 or 4 times on a row.
      There is 10 commond cards... you can't have each time the same (bad) card.


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        no panic mate all cards will come. first you max green, then white and purple and then red. for some its faster for some slower. for example i hate it with my purple cards. crypt lord i maxed about 8 months ago (not sure), then amber about 5 months ago, then kusk about 1 month ago and now i need 9 more mason cards to max him. since i maxed krypt lord i got about 50 more cards of him..., amber i got about 20 after i maxed her...


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          No panic... Just a statement...

          The problem isn't to max or not (even if... a Masonlev4 again when so many have in lev5)
          The problem is statistic.
          When youhave in 4 big chests on a row the one card you have already maxed... you can't speak of random chests... and it's not honnest;
          (For the heroes... I began not so much after you... my mason is lev4... if your krypt lord is 50 over the max... it means 75 cards more than me... etc...)
          I don't see these things in Clash... and it's not a good thing.
          Just PAY for win.