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  • [CCB Beta] Castle Creeps Battle - Update 1.4.0 Now Live

    Hi All,

    As some of you may have already noticed the Castle Creeps Battle Update 1.4.0 is now live, and I'd like to tell you a little more about what you can expect in this update. We'd also love to hear your thoughts on the changes, so have at it and reply to this post with your first impressions, and don't worry we can take any negatives as well as positives.

    What’s New in v1.4.0
    • Achievements - We’ve added a bunch of achievements (19 so far) to the game. Completing each achievement will earn you gems!!
    • In-Game Taunts - You can now send a range of animated emoji to players during gameplay. See Kusk, Ember, CryptLord and Mason taunt, cry, laugh and get angry! A mute button exists for when players would rather not receive in-game taunts.
    • Gifting System Updates - Gold amounts now scale with your maximum Arena. The higher the Arena reached, the more Gold you get from your friends!
    • Bots Reworked - We’ve added more intelligence to the bots, so they play more like real life players. This may make them harder to play against, so we will be keeping a close eye on battle results and your feedback so that we can make tweaks to them. Also, not all players will get the new bots as we are currently testing them to see how they work out.
    • Localization – The game is now localized into English, French, German, Spanish, Latin American, Italian, Brazilian Portuguese, Russian and Korean.
    • Account Linking - It’s now possible to use a code provided from the ‘Link Devices’ option in the Options UI to link an Android device to an iOS save or vice versa.
    • Tower Activation States - Towers now have a visual inactive state where the tower top (or turret if you prefer) remains hidden within the tower base. The plating atop the tower base features different icons to help you identify what tower lies within (this system should help make it much clearer when and which towers are active/inactive
    • Map Update - There are 2 main changes regarding the map;
      • Firstly, the map has been zoomed out to display some of the surrounding environment and to prevent UI elements from interfering with Gameplay-Space (no more hiding Goblin Flyers behind the match timer!)
      • Secondly, the abyss/bridge area has been shrunk by 2 squares horizontally, the extra space has been divided and added to each players deployment area;
        • Each side is now 15 squares wide, up from 14
        • The front tower is now 5 squares away from the bridge, up from 4
        • The bridge is now 2 squares long, down from 4
    • Balance - Larger changes are still en-route, although some quality of life changes were included in 1.4:
      • Dragon - Attack frame fixes to better match animation (now fires slightly earlier)
      • Ranged Combat - Ranged units should better stick to and follow, their targets
    • Bug Fixes - Added improvements to stability and fixed a few general issues.
    Known Issues
    • Localization – There are still many strings needing to be translated in a few languages, these particularly relating to new features where the final copy wasn’t known during the initial localization phase.
    • Account Transfer is only translated into: English, Spanish, Italian, Korean
    • Achievements are only translated into: English, Italian, Korean

    In case you missed it previously, here's a post from Tivinu where he discusses the changes to the game balancing in more detail.

    A Word on Game Balance

    Hey all,

    Tivinu here just to let you know that the larger balance changes have not be forgotten and are in-fact on route! They won’t be releasing with 1.4 but should be coming shortly after.

    So why the delay? A couple of core reasons really;
    • Firstly, and this one's on me, I was trying some larger, more sweeping changes in this update to go alongside some overall combat and collision overhauls but couldn’t get things to a state where I was happy with them before we needed to get 1.4 ready for QA. The silver lining to this is it has allowed me to run a few more internal playtests with the new numbers and systems before we send them your way.
    • Secondly, myself (and a good portion of the team) have been working on some sizable gameplay changes and additions that we’re really excited about (and can’t wait to see what you guys think of them!), as usual I can’t reveal anything just yet (other than to say this goes beyond additional cards in terms of gameplay!) but I can say we plan on getting these additions rolled out within a few patches (aiming for 1.6 -> 1.7).
    I’m mostly going to be focused upon the new features for the near future, but I’ll be keeping an eye on the balance data and you guy's feedback in these forums, so if you feel any cards desperately need looking at/addressed pop that up here.


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    thanks for the update!
    i spotted these changes:
    1. achievements: cool - need more in next updates but the rewards are way to low. i think the rewards x10 - x100 are better. 2 gems is like every free chest...
    2. battle map is bigger and everything is smaller: for me ok (was better) but for many players it will be to small i think. and i dont understand why now there is so much empty space around the field - it takes valuable space in my opinion (was better).
    3. back line towers are hidden: i dont see exactly which back towers opponents have but only an icon. i think the icon will be enough if i do some more fights. but i like it more now because everyone can see if they are "inactive". after further testing i think the back symbols are to hard to identify - they should be bigger or something so you understand easier what tower it is.
    4. gifting system: many bugs are fixed - thanks in third tab in social i see facebook friends (offline) and friends (offline). does it mean that none of my friends are online? because i am sure some of them are online. and for example Camelius and me send gifts to each other but we dont get them. maybe some bug and the achievement of giftsalso count - this will be my hardest achievement as it seems :P. And it says "Current friends 14/10" - Bug?
    5. bots strength: the bots are really a bit better now. for example my main strategy was to wait until i have 9.5 elixir and start deploying on the upper side - the bot started deploying on the down side then. now that "trick" doesnt work. but of course it needs more tests and the bots are still to easy to beat in my opinion.
    6. ingame emojis: good idea and i think we need more of them. something like "HAHA" and "great fight"...
    7. german translations: i didnt test all and i like playing in english but i think you should thange the opening time labels because it goes outside the box and you cant see the full text. for example "33M 26S" is in german "33 Min. 26 Sek." and its to long.
    8. in profile screen there is a button right of the average elixir cost with an icon with 2 cards and a green arow - what does it do?
    9. chest rewards: the rewards changed i think. for example silver arena 10 chests normaly gave something like 5 white, 5 green and 10 other green cards. now they give (after few tests) 10 green and 10 other green cards. and if you click fast you have no time to see what you got but of course you see in the overview at the end of the opening so its fine. and the chest slots opening times update secondly now also over 10M - thats nice. and is it possible that you changed the chest cyrcle? since update i didnt get 5 silver chests in a row (max 4) and more higher chests.
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      Update: i made some updates in my text.

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      i made some more updates here. if i have more updates i will make a new post

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    Nice updates. I like the achievements addition. And I too like the idea of the back towers showing inactive. I'll have to keep an eye on the icons. I'll have to play more to test the bot ai

    I play on a tablet so I really notice the size difference with this update. The battlefield is now significantly smaller with more added space on the sides and top that show the environment more, which is cool, however, the troops are now alot smaller. This will take some adjusting to. Is there a way we, the player, will be able to change the camera settings so it is closer? Or will that just open up a whole bunch of other problems? I noticed things are smaller even on the victory screen on tablets. I don't play on a phone so I can't see what that looks like in comparison.

    Edit: keep in mind that because the tablet has a high resolution, the screenshot looks larger on a computer or laptop. On the tablet things are more detailed but smaller because of the physical size of the 10 inch tablet. This screenshot is mainly to show how much extra, non playable, area on the right and left side, and especially the top and bottom of the battlefield is now showing on the tablet that I use. Is it like that on phones too? That could make the troops very tiny.
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      EDIT: I've updated the original post with a few additions to give more detail.


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        Thanks for the added details Ice . I was noticing the smaller bridge and it looked like I had more room between the first tower and the bridge but I was not sure with the new map zoom setting. Would you be able to send a private message to those active in the forum if they have the new bots so we are not crazy trying to figure out if they are different or not? Or is that your plan? But seriously, it would be nice to know, but I can also see why you would not tell us so that you get more accurate feedback and we are not biased one way or the other if we knew ahead of time.


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          I've played a little more. Still not sure if the ai bots are different but I do think the UI for navigating to the battle and opening chests is more speedy. I also like the little animation of the troops dropping into the field. I also, so far, am liking the larger field and smaller bridge for troop placement and fighting options.

          Looking at the field I am starting to get used to the smaller troops and towers but hopefully it is still ok for newer players. I see with the aspect ratio and reasoning for the extra unplayable area on the right and I am probably seeing more on top and bottom because the tablet is a bit taller in those dimensions. So to allow a player controlled zoom would probably hide areas of the wide play field and mess with other things. I just need to get a wider landscape tablet


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            Am I the only one getting slaughtered all the time with the new update? I was at the top with 5,780 purple brain things, now I am at 4,990. If there's a cannon in the front, I will not even earn a shield. I loved to play before the update, but now I only play to get the shield chests and by doing so, drop another hundred or so purple brain things.

            Currently, I sit in 9th place for the weekly competition. Really? I NEVER play anymore unless I am trying to earn a shield chest. This suggests to me that others are playing far less as well. I wish I had numbers from last week's competition to see if player's winnings were far greater than they are now. BTW, I missed getting my shield chest twice because I just couldn't get any shields. For the first time since I started playing I had no arena chests or shield chest when I went to bed.

            Observations: The Ogre Brute gets stuck behind the top front tower if you drop him behind the tower.
            The AI troops easily overpower mine. Example: AI had a hunting party and a berserker (which should do nothing in this example) I dropped my level 9 goblin airforce in to stop them and they one shoot my entire airforce! They were on screen for less than a second! No, the AI did not use any potions or towers in this slaughter.

            Hero Ranks: Mason, Ember, Crypt Lord, Kusk. Naturally, my Kusk is my only level 3 and Mason is still a 1 :/


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              hey mate. the bots really became smarter with update (at least for those who already see them because not everyone is seeing them yet). before update i had a loss at about every 300 bot fights when i was not concentrated. now with the new bots i have a loss against bots at about every 30 fight. and i win about 20% of my fights with more shields (no enemy castle destroyed). but if you have white cards at level 9 and green cards at level 7 you can win over 90% of the bot fights with a good strategy. if you want you can copy my cards and check them. if it helps you, i can also make some videos of some bot fights.

              and if your honor drops more and you play on a lower arena, the bots are weaker.
              and another thing: there have been to many guys with maximum honor. it was not good that so many players with low cards can stay in arena 10.


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                Overall, I am liking the new ai bots. Yes they make things more challenging and I don't win as much against the new bots or win by one or two tower kills but I like that it mimics a real player better. We can't exploit the ai flaws of old. It also makes for a more seamless transition of play from bots to an actual player so we play the same and are not on auto pilot for bots and then pay attention for an actual player.

                However, this can make it frustrating for players that are used to playing in arena levels I don't think the developers wanted us playing in yet. I think this might also be to balance the arenas out and make arena 10 more of an ultimate goal. And like xario said, and as far as I can tell, if you drop to arena 9 or lower and have lower honor points the bots will be easier. In arena 10 they are max cards no matter how low your honor. Side note, the hunting party is pretty strong. Have to use Blast or your hero special to take them out quick. But they are a 6 point card so if you use a 4 point blast it is worth it.

                Edit: I find the Ember bot to be the hardest when she has blast so she alternates between blast and her special and clears your troops. I try not to clump troops together anymore with bots. Also, it seems Mason and Kusk are not using their special if you have the new bots. So they tend to be a little easier. But watch out when that is fixed

                And The Grinch , keep in mind that the devs are looking at the new bot data and our comments for players at all levels new and old to gauge the new bots. And looking at it with a glass half full attitude, when more players are active then you will be an even better player against them after learning with the new bots and have a good deck. Also, I think the player activity is less because games have an ebb and flow naturally and there has not been anything to get people excited with the new shiny thing. I think once higher rank leagues are introduced and new events and especially when it is out of beta, you will see more activity.
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                  The top players all seem to be using Mason. Unfortunately, he is my weakest hero at level 1. I have 5 level 10 cards, but only use the bomber, goblin flyers and goblins (have blast and rangers too). I seem to have mostly the same stuff as you although I am one level down on most. Most importantly the cannon tower destroys me (mine is lvl 8). I started this game with Mason but moved on when I got higher cards for the other heroes. I'll give Mason another shot.


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                    you can also use kusk to destroy units like with mason. but its harder to target because there is a countdown. i will make videos of 2-3 fights now.


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                      The Grinch I just leveled my Mason to level 2 last week. Even at level 1 he is great and can destroy the flying goblins. I really like level 2 though where the boomerang now destroys the aforementioned Hunting Party archers. I have similar cards to xario with a couple differences. Like I use the 2 point dwarves for a buffer wall and I now use the spikes at level 9 for dealing with airborne goblins or goblin swarms. They deal with level 10 airborne, which most players have, but not the bot airborne at level 13. So for those I have to combo or save the boomerang. It does not destroy the hunting party at level 10 for players either but I can use it and then throw down a goblin swarm on them or something. I have been just trying the spikes to see as they are only 2 points to use instead of 4 for Blast so it helps cycle cards. But I figure now is the time to experiment with cards while in beta.


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                        here some videos of arena 10 with new bots - every video has 1-2 fights. in 1 fight there was a real player:


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                          Thanks. I played one game and it was the first time I had seen this expanded battlefield. Mason was throwing his weapon by himself. So, I had no control over it. But I did win. Barely.


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                            i did not understand that with mason but i am glad you won :P

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                          The Grinch If you had not mentioned about the update previously, I would have said that it sounds like you downloaded, or your device auto updated to the newest version of the game where the playfield is larger and you have emotes, but the troops are a little smaller. So I am not sure what is going on there if you are now seeing the playfield differently. Sometimes Mason throws the boomerang in a direction I was not planning if the connection is bad when I swipe but you should be able to control his special. If this issue persists maybe it is a bug.