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    Im ranked 2 and never match with anyone else in the top 12 except for Raideral1 what’s with that? I see everyone is playing, their chips change score, but I’ve never once played any of these players.

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    because they are in a different region like europe or USA or because they are too weak or too strong for you (different matchmaking score).


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      They have similar level cards and play in the same time zone. I think it’s a bug.


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        It's not about card lvls. There are people with the same card lvls like mine and I don't get matched with them. We must be in different matching pools. It's more about skills as Xario said. You are either too good for them or too weak.

        in one of the previous updates a matchmaking system was introduced:

        "Matchmaking Tweaks
        To make matchmaking fairer and more balanced all everyone, we’ve introduced matchmaking pools where each player will be placed in a pool with other players of similar matchmaking rating."
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          It’s silly because I’m number 2 and can’t match with number 1 to beat him, and number 3 can’t match with me to beat me. I’m getting bored with the useless ranking system and many bot matches. Dont mind matching people who beat me then I don’t deserve to be #2 if they beat me. All of the players I match have lesser cards and I beat them with the first unit I drop still alive.


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            They should make unit upgrades 5% instead of 10% better so different levels can play each other without someone winning automatically


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              i also thought many times about that (10% bonus per level change in 5%). its hard to say if its good or bad - its a balancing thing. at high level the difference of a level 12 and 13 blue card is 10% but for that step you need to collect cards for 3-6 months if you play daily.

              i think the change from 10% to 5% would not solve the problem and it would cause another 2 problems: at the moment strong players are not advantaged as it should be (thats the opinion of strong players) because every new player can reach #1 if he invests a bit more time than a big player. the change from 10% to 5% would disadvantage strong players even more. second new problem would be: in games where you can level up something and grow, you want to make some process. if you minimize that grow even more, why should a player invest more time or money in the game? for example: a normal player can play a game for 30 minutes per day for fun. but if he can do a bigger process with investing 30 minutes more, many will do it. and we already have some players with partially maxed cards because they play for a year (in beta the rewards havent been so big - so now half a year playing is like 1 year beta) or used money.

              the main problem in my opinion is that:
              all players can after some days start playing in arena 10 - the same arena where players play who play for a year. strong and week players are in one pot. additionally the bots are too weak and their level is even capped by players card level. thats why we need a matchmaking system. else a maxed cards player would often fight players who started days ago.

              but with time, more players will get maxed cards and the situation will become better.

              at the moment but also in long term the only good solution to all these in my opinion is:
              1. the arenas get bots based on arena and not player cards: for example arena 1 bots have level 1 blue cards, arena 5 bots have level 6 blue cards, arena 10 bots have level 13 blue cards. the other cards rarities of course scalable by arenalevel too.
              2. create higher arenas than arena 10 with higher rewards. here there are different options how it should work:
              • option a: only players can play there and no bots.
              • option b: also bots play there but they are more intelligent than current bots which makes them stronger (i think its hard to develop).
              • option c: also bots play there but they have higher cards levels or some kind of bonus like in arena 11 they have maxed cards +10% bonus damage and in arena 15 they have +50%


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                Bots are so easy to game. Drop a horde and they instantly blast it giving you +1 energy advantage. Then you know they don’t have an area attack available and launch wolf pack to knock 2 towers.


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                  TowerBro - I agree with you. I will max out my cards in maybe a half year and i will have to wait at least a few more months for the new players to catch up. If they have the same skills like me, i will be able to play with them. It means it will take abt a year to increase the number of players in a matchmaking pool i am currently in. I am not sure I will play for so long when 95% of the games are with bots. It is a really big disadvantage for older players. I hope new players have higher chances to play with each other more often. We see only top players here and we don't know any statistics from hundreds of thousands of new players. They might actually like the system.

                  Rankings are based on a number of victories, so the more you play, the higher you get. To make it fair, leagues should be made based on a matchmaking pool we are in. Let's say i am in a pool with xario, dmg, cio, mokh, tal, melech and a few others and we play with each other in a league to see who the best is. Then people would be able to see the best player in the highest matchmaking pool. It should be similar with lower matchmaking pools.

                  "matchmaking pool league" could be another league. Let people play as much as they want in the existing leagues to get chests and introduce another league that would prove skills that would also require some invitation system to make sure we play against each other.
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                    I’m losing patience having over 100 matches in a row vs only bots while I see people with my card levels are getting into matches and matching with each other, people who I’ve never played.


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                      I do too. I usually only play at night. What's worse is that I have been shaping my deck around said enemies, leaving me vulnerable to players.


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                        I’m sad this was never addressed and a good game was left to rot on the vine.