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  • Clan Wars

    After 28 days / a season the best 8 clans fight each other.
    Number 1 clan fights vs 8
    2 vs 7
    4v5 they fight 2 or 3 days each day the best 10 members of each clan fights 3 matches after this round the winner goes in next round ....
    after this we have a semi final .. and later final each clans get rewards depending on the placements in the clan war and in clan wars there are no region restrictions

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    Nice idea Lilith h i think that's some great thinking right there and very impressed at the sudden drive from you over the last few weeks. Keep it up i very much love the New active Lilith h.

    The only thing with that is in not to sure if people would want a Season to go longer than 28 saying that i think maybe 10 days of comps or 20 days of comps then a face off....and I'm not sure how or long making a none region exclusive for end fighting against all players would be possible or how long it would take to actualy incooperate that sort of action before 1-2 years. Will forward this as its still an amazing idea and one i would very much love to happen at any point in the future.
    And he cometh down from the heaven and bringth war upon the earth!!!