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Skill rating system.

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  • Skill rating system.

    i’ll preface by saying I love this game the devs are awesome and also admitting I realize this would be a huge change that might not be doable in this stage of the game.

    A skill rating system similar to many other head to head games as oppose to the base 500k chips every win would keep the game interesting as oppose to the mundane: higher league you climb to the more battles you have to play format.

    Understandably people playing longer is better. But i enjoy the game for a hour or two everyday and i can’t compete at the highest level not because of skill but because of time. Don’t get me wrong im not saying people who only get on and play a few matches a week should be able to climb to expert 1.

    Easy example:

    Player A with a chip count of 10mil
    Player B with a chip count of 8mil

    in this situation
    1) if player A wins they are awarded .3m making the new chip counts A:10.3m B: 7.7m
    2) if player B wins they are awarded .5m making the new chip counts: A: 9.5m B: 8.5m

    Every 24 hours you don’t play at least 1 match you lose .2m

    Bots match your skill rating which would equal +/-.3m per win/loss this would give unskilled players a chance to still climb a bit and stay engaged.

    idk just snowballing ideas from a burnt out player who enjoys the game.

    While I have you here.. let me pay a base fee of like $20 or something to never have to watch commercials again and get the lowered chest times and ad chests! Lol.

    Thanks for everything love your work!

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    the idea of 20 $ or € to not watch ads again sounds good to me. the idea with the ranking system not. i see the same problem like you but i think there are easier/better ideas like higher arenas. skilled players should play in a higher arena with more rewards than lolwer skilled players. for example if the bots in arena 11 would have max level +1 and arena 15 max level +5, only the most skilled players would be able to play there. lower skilled players would need to upgrade their decks (time) and more experience to reach these arenas. or at least everything could stay as it is but there should be another weekly event of strength (and not activity). for example every player gets 1-2 tickets every day and can use them to fight in some kind of endless mode like in CC TD. in CC TD there are events where you can fight an enemy 15 times. he starts easy and becomes stronger every time you beat him. that way the guy who beats the highest enemy wins the tournament. or even a cooler but hard to develop weekly tournament. everyone can participaty and if you lose a fight against another player of the tournament, you lose. the guy who doesnt lose, wins the tournament. but to develop that, we need the friend vs. friend functionality first to be able to fight players in different regions and so on.

    PS: that kind of weekly tournament of strength could also be implemented for clan fights.


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      xario I love your idea of higher leagues and bots scaling to those leagues! However I feel that does not fix the “play to win” problem. My current issue is, player A could be 3x as ‘skilled’ as player B but if player B plays 2x as much player B will be rated higher.

      Example: player A plays 10 matches and wins 9 while player B plays 30 and wins 15 in the current set up player B would be ranked higher in the league when A is obviously more skilled.

      Basically take the great parts of my idea and great parts of yours, put them together and we have gold! Lol


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        As for the event ideas, those are great! But they do not fix the base issue I am encountering. Cheers.


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          but Lickkkkk higher arenas give more rewards. so skilled players could do less fights and still be #1. and of course we only give ideas - the devs will decide


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            Real players i miss that without a doubt and can't wait but pray that day comes sooner rather than later.

            One thing for me is that top arena should be you earned a spot in the legendary ARENA and no BOTS should be in there ONLY SKILLED REAL PLAYERS THAT ARE skilled enough to play against the best in the world.



            YOURS TRULY RED HORSEMAN. (@)...(@)
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              I only get 1 or 2 players a day that are real sometimes. My cards are almost max i cant even get cards anymore.
              And he cometh down from the heaven and bringth war upon the earth!!!


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                  ouch Red Horseman . ugly mega chest :P but i had many of these 0 cards too :/ its a pain


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                    Originally posted by xario View Post
                    ouch Red Horseman . ugly mega chest :P but i had many of these 0 cards too :/ its a pain
                    Its all about luck i still enjoy the challenge and still think its a fantastic game. The devs of this game will be stoked how well they did to start something great SOMETIMES we get impatient. Sometimes i get fantastic chests and its great.

                    i GUESS YOU CANT WIN THEM ALL!! HAHAHA
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                      Im sure the devs will have great information cause there players/harcore gamers to give them ideas now. Cause more like you Lickkkkk ..... xario ..... Midnite ... Shadowsong .... Stingy Bogart .... Lilith ... Gintinas and many more speak up and give great suggestion. Im sure they will satify the mass. I MEAN ITS EARLY STILL AND LOOK HOW FAR THEY HAVE COME.

                      NOW DEVS HURRY UP AND BRING 2V2 .....HAHAHA

                      JUST JOKING GREAT GAME LOVIN IT! /\*___*/\

                      And he cometh down from the heaven and bringth war upon the earth!!!


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                        Red Horseman<<<What he said!!