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    lol today 10 fights...
    5 against humans 5 against bots...
    humans are more fun...
    But when you try a league victory, bots are quicker.
    And when u're fighting for a league against guys u never fight... that's stupid.


    • #17
      Yep playing lots of NEW players...

      Been slacking lately so no longer in range of fighting guys like JimmyM05 as I notice I fight Stingy Bogart less and less...

      I shall be catching up soon for some more back n forth battles!!!

      ​​​​​​​New arena is fun too the pvp is WAY MORE EXCITING


      • #18
        You posted our fight with my all-epic deck!


        • #19
          If anyone has played me, in case you were wondering, I am located in Morocco. I have played people in Germany, Ohio and Illinois so I’m not sure about any region limitations.


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            I have been having a blast.
            I have been slacking and I can't just bounce into things like I was.
            *.....I need to read my guides.
            **also, all of you are good enough to make REAL STRATEGY guides...I understand not wanting to, I spent +200 hours on them. If any of you want to criticize my work, I can improve my skill as a whole.

            When I am back to being bedridden, I am going to NEED a hobby.