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  • Game tips at game maching

    There are some tips like "you can get a shield chest every 24 hours". maybe some of you have good ideas what else there could be to help people and the devs can think about implementing it - any ideas?
    something like:
    1. there are different types of cards with different maximal levels: common 13!?, rare 11!?, epic 9!?, mythic 6!?
    2. the leagues start on mondays at 00:01 am...
    3. you can find information about the game in the forum...
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    4. Try to play passive when u need it or active when its needed.
    5. Use good combinations of cards on ur deck.
    6. Play focused only in game, it will help.
    I will think of some other phrase.


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      Here's a few from me.

      1. Make sure you sign in with Game Center (iOS) or Google Play Games (Android) to save your progress
      2. Make sure you experiment with different combinations of Hero, Towers and Troops
      3. Troops always have strengths and weaknesses. Know how to counter your enemies forces
      4. Be sure to check back each day for Free Chests containing gold, gems and cards!
      5. Share your winning strategies with other players here on the Forums

      You can also find a full list of FAQs on the Castle Creeps Battle Help Center where you'll also be able to submit a support ticket if you're needing any help or advice.


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        7. Aim to the shadow of units