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    Dwarf tower: drop goblin flyers or horde on the sly and distract them on the other side. Or just throw goblins under your tower range
    Magic tower: hordes
    Cannon: big guy with bomb guy backup against hordes or sharpshooter if your expecting flying

    Jugganaught: horde or knight
    Berserker: knight or goblin flyers, drop the knight between him and your tower to prevent a bit or 2
    banshees: swarm or goblins with a dps backup. She damages like a magic tower so don't leave your tank with her for long
    Alpha wargs: swarm or knight. Flyers can't catch them well so drop something to hold them there long enough for air stuff to kill

    Mason: aim the guillotine past the target so you'll get them on the back swing too.
    Crypt lord: target the tower directly so the minions will circle it and won't get splashed in one hit
    Fire arrow girl: most people just target the towers so don't spawn anything next to one (don't understand why people go her if they are just targeting towers, that bomb orc does more damage)

    Note: As of current patch, you'll disconnect on battle start once every 5-7 games so budget for losses. At current there is no way of gaining enough cash to enter the first League if you have opened all chests.
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    Good advices.What is your current deck?


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      Knight, ogre, goblins, bomber, dragon, sharpshooter, flyers and horde on with mason cannons front bow back. Almost the default deck minus berserker and blast. Aoe on blast isn't worth it and berserkers splash is too small and random to use


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        Great tips Chatman, keep 'em coming