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  • Cool Moves for Fighting Bots

    Have any special moves for fighting bots? Share them here!

    Countering Ember's Fire Volley: Bots currently use Ember's volley to take out swarms (at least in Arena 8), but there's a nice trick for distracting her. If you're playing a bot with Ember and you know she has her hero power charged, try placing a goblin horde in the center, between and slightly in front of your own towers. The goblin horde will split and clear the area before the attack gets there. Better yet, Ember's volley is now burning a worthless piece of ground in the center instead of in a lane that you need to defend.

    Edit: This is especially effective if the enemy is using Dwarf Towers, because then you can help defend both lanes with your goblins at the same time.
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    Very nice tip for dealing with Ember and her ring of death, she always gets me with that damned thing.


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      Bait and Switch: Is the enemy countering your rushes? Trick them into defending the wrong lane! Use nothing but a 1 or 2 elixir card like goblins or dwarves to feint on one side. The enemy will often overcommit to defending that lane. Then you can push on the other side while your tower and a small defense fight off their counterattack. It's frequently easier to defend than to attack, which is what makes this move worth it. Even if all you accomplish is a straight tower trade, at least you're getting to unlock your shield chest faster.


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        Another awesome tip, thanks paperpancake5