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  • Stingy Tricks.

    High cost decks are powerful. Low cost decks are versitile and cycle faster. Try to use all many ranks as needed for your deck theme. The cheaper the deck, the faster the draw order.

    Cards are returned to the bottom of your deck IN ORDER. Plan your strategy and expect variations as you alter your draw path. Keep extra cards on the side for the finish and\or reaction.

    They wait and counter. DO NOT rush in. DO Use tower support. If you have a cheap ranged or a 1 or 2 elixir unit place it behind your towers. You will get 2 elixir by the time it arrives. If your opponent is card holding at game start, you will be ahead in elixir.

    Counter your opponents cards. DO Let them gain agro on a tank or tower. Better to lose tower hp than your army. DO Fight on your side of the field, supported by your tower. DO Use multiple lanes. DO NOT BUNCH.

    DO Use ALL of the available lanes and ranks to prevent a catastrophic loss of units due to splash. DO Support your units by placing the card that PREVENTS the worst possible outcome.

    Now is the time to choose weather to support your wave, or Elixir Hold. Sometimes it is best to pick apart what is left of their wave with 10 elixir and tower support, while they are Elixir Tapped.

    If you KNOW that a wave will destroy one of your towers, but die at the next tower, MAYBE Ignore it and push harder. This is a high risk, high reward tactic.

    Currently, you can "lock" a hero card on the field by not killing it...Leaving their main tower DEFENCELESS. This is a high risk, high reward tactic on both ends.

    If placed properly, a Goblin Bomber can wipe a Goblin Air force and more. GAF are FAST you will need to suicide it near a tank or tower. The blast hits airborne.

    Shields will take MASSIVE damage in one blow and NOT carry the damage to the Creep health. An Axe Thrower can take 2 Berserker hits, even though one hit would be more than the Creep HP and Shield HP.

    Dragging cards on the field is good, but if you use two thumbs, you can place a formation SO fast that your enemy will think you are cheating.

    Lets be real. You will be outpowered every fight that matters. Build your decks and shape your tactics around responding to every catastrophe. If you find yourself vulnerable, build to prevent that vulnerability. The game is designed for you to be able to, trust that.

    When starting a clan, be patient. One time players will come, wait until your clan is full to start cleaning your guild. Make requests often.

    Posting the current date will set you apart from the dead clans. Make sure to request cards. Try to have as many points as possible to climb the list.

    When you have enough ACTIVE players, you can set a recruitment standard. Pick an angle and go with it. Not all clans have to be a top clan.

    Try to be inclusive, and try not to be exclusive. If all you need a player for is trading and points, who cares what language they speak.
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