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Goblins, Worst card or Gold

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  • Goblins, Worst card or Gold

    I present to you THE FIRST Creep strategy guide.

    Goblins are arguably the worst card in the game. I believe that goblins are the BEST card in the game.
    I read the card like this; "Discard this card into the bottom of your deck. Draw top card from your deck into your hand. Place 4 goblins."
    Without the goblins the card is worth it. The ability to dump a card and redraw a card is what I would consider the MOST POWERFUL ability. A hand of cards is only as good as the situation dictates. Change the hand, change the situation.
    Goblins are FAST and can draw aggro, add dps, split formations, be squishy tanks, distract your opponents themselves, etc. For one elixir, this is a VERY versatile card. NO CARD can do what the Goblins do. If used properly, goblins are a force multiplyer for your deck.
    *this card was VITAL to me climbing to the top 5 in the world in SEASON ONE.
    **Their is a complete strategy guide for every creep coming. Complete with stats, strengths, and weaknesses. Made by the community and published through Outplay.
    ***Join the community, post on the forums.
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    Yeah, with the Wargs being re-worked at 2 elixir, many players that used Goblins have switched to Wargs. I am still using the little goblin scamps though They have alot of uses. I love dropping the 4 goblins on top of a Berserker that just is starting to attack a tower and they destroy him before he can get a second hit in.