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Elixir A War Of Attrition

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  • [CCB] Elixir A War Of Attrition

    "A prolonged war or period of conflict during which each side seeks to gradually wear out the other by a series of small-scale actions."

    As you already know, Goblin Bombers can take out Goblin Air Force, IF properly placed...But did you realise that you just went up 2 Elixir compared to your opponent?

    Yeah, the spike trap saved you from the Goblin horde...But did you realize you just gained yet another Elixir on your enemy?

    In critical times waiting on 1 Elixir will cost your opponent the game.

    Now consider how the bomber can take out BOTH at the same time. Trading 3 elixir to shut down 8 or more worth of units.

    Other cards take out other units. Towers support can also help you drain your opponents Elixir.
    Now that you are enlightened to the concept, go out there and make them pay a heavy price.
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    Some insightful words of wisdom here! I have to admit, sometimes my deck has way too many high elixir cost cards (because they're cool) which makes countering very expensive, especially when you no choice but to counter a very cheap elixir cost unit with a high elixir cost unit. Having to do this squarely hands an advantage to the other player who ends up with elixir to spare while you're frantically waiting on yours to charge.

    I can see that Stingy Bogart is fast becoming the Master Tactician around here ​​​​​​​