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Terrain Features and Gaining the Advantage

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  • [CCB] Terrain Features and Gaining the Advantage

    Lets take a moment to talk about the advantages you could exploit on your opponent using the bridges, towers, and multiple lanes.

    The game has multiple lanes, use them. Ranged units can be placed in such a manner that your opponents ground units would have to defeat your ground units and get past ranged dps of your units, AND under the ranged dps of your towers in order to reach them. Usually Dwarven towers, alone, produce enough tanking in order to result in catastrophic loss to an enemy advance. Goblins can buy more time, cheaply.
    The ranged units also hit target on the opponents side of the field, clear of most danger when placed in this manner.

    I suggest making a "Half Moon" formation, with your ranged units, around the bridge during an enemy advance. Save enough Elixir to place necessary tank units. Half moon prevents LINE DAMAGE and make you less vulnerable to splash Most splash. Larger AOE like Ember and poison are still devastating.

    Currently MOST players do not utilise the terrain features to their fullest. This will give you an advantage on MOST opponents.

    Say that your opponent IS using this technique against you. A distracted Hunting party will be destroyed with a goblin bomber. Flying units placed in proper lanes will also target these units. Make sure your counter forces are not targeted by them. Perhaps it would be a good idea to Elixir hold, or place units behind your towers and let their ground forces funnel on the bridge, taking away the advantage of multiple lanes. This is GOOD time for Blast, Poison, Fire Ring, etc.

    Keep in mind that the Banshee and Valkyrie are not limited to the bridge. They are Ground Units, but they FLOAT over obstacles. I can only speculate that this is to regulate order of aggro against the units.

    How do you use the terrain? Post screenshots below.

    *criticsism encouraged
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    Another good tip for using the terrain is to drop horde units, such as the Goblin Horde or Hunting Party, in the middle of the battlefield close to the chasm. This is because if done correctly you will find that the horde splits with half heading towards the top lane and the other half heading towards the bottom lane. This can be a good tactic to use if both lanes are under attack or a good way to counter the Dwarven Tower.

    Keep up the great work Stingy Bogart I'm sure other players will find these tactic guides very useful