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  • [CCB] Tank Formations

    With a total of 9 possible cards, and 5 In your hand, the next card you draw will have a 1 in 4 chance of being that "Special" card. Then 1 in 3, etc...

    Then the randomness stops.

    Cards go to the BOTTOM of your deck.

    You can draw Axe Throwers, Sharpshooter, Bomber, Dwarves, Goblins (or Wargs), Axe Thrower, Sharpshooter, Bomber, Dwarves, etc. While spawning Dwarves from your tower.

    The rest of your deck would be support.

    Insert your own combinations.

    Show us what you made!

    Need I Say More?
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    Remember spacing guys. Using multiple lanes prevents catastrophe.
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      What a nice start. Placing cheap units behind the tower at 9.9 Elixir really pays off. With proper support, this crew can topple a tower.

      Having elixir and powerful options never hurts.
      Don't be afraid of maintaining the elixir holding and fight on your side of the field.
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        Remember, Tanks take several forms. A mix of squishy and tough tanks is usually preferred. Fast moving tanks with pounce help too.
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