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Escalation of Force

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  • [CCB] Escalation of Force

    "Never start a fight that you can't win. Now you can win any fight."

    So you can handle "anything", rushing in with a Warg Pack, Healing, then 2 more Wargs (11 Elixir)...No, you can not.

    There are a great variety of options available to shut dow any rush tactics. Any serious player will be able to react to a new deck. Expect them to be prepared, Especially during a fight with one of your nemesis's.

    Place a card in reaction to their assault.
    *preferably in accordance with 'Elixir, a War of Attrition'.

    Elixir hold and react to their next assault in a display of power. Do not drain your Elixir, let them drain theirs.

    Make one or more low cost push on one of the enemy towers.

    Strike to disable:
    After damage one of the towers with low cost pushes, elixir hold and then make hard strike, to disable an enemy tower. Repeat if necessary.

    Coup de Grace:
    Continue your momentum and take your horde straight into the heart of the enemy castle, or just keep striking.
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