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  • Spell Heavy Decks

    Spell heavy deck are the fastest way to lose.
    Spell heavy deck are the "best" way to beat a superior force.

    The Basics:


    --Offensive Spells
    ---Dragon Flame


    --Battlefield control

    -Spell-Like Unit Abilities

    ---Vines, Dryad
    ---Freeze, Warlock
    ---Acid Ball, Forest Dragon
    ---Dynamite, Goblin Bomber

    Hero Abilities:
    -Use any to add balance or maximize effect. Don't forget they are units.

    Plan Ahead:
    -Your Deck
    --Battlefield Control
    --Direct Damage
    --Healing, for your very few troops.

    Your Hand and Limited Options
    --Keep in mind that you may not have units at game start.
    --You may be forced to use less effective spells because of draw order.
    --Draw order is only random at first. You can pick which order your cards appear in your hand.
    (Cards are discarded from your hand, to the bottom of your deck IN ORDER)

    *If you even made it this far and are reading this, YOU could help ME out. Comment on your experiences with spell heavy decks.

    **Someone try a tower busting deck, supported with spells. There are a wide variety of tower only units; this could work.
    ***I an running the below deck straight up to the top.
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    The war cannon can work with this Spell Heavy Deck.
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