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  • [CCB] Anti-Warg Tactics

    When the Wargs cards first came out, I was cashing in my winnings for the "Caption our Creeps" contest.
    In time, I earned enough Wargs to use them effectively on Arena 10 [possibly] first.

    I refuse to believe that anything other than strategy is the "new meta"...

    The new update ADDED around 500 pounce damage to a warg pack.

    Wargs are masters of fast pace, in your face combat.

    Shut. Them. Down.

    -Goblin Bomber
    -Goblin Horde (overhead cast)
    -Goblin Air Force

    Use them smart.

    Use Tower support and overhead cast cheap cards like the axe throwers to stop the pounce damage to your towers.

    -Since the Warg "nerf" the pounce damage has gone up around 500 damage. Attack speed and health are down.
    -The Warg cards hit a whole lot harder and die a whole lot easier.
    -Frenzy increases their attack speed enough that the dps is about the same as it used to be.
    *this is the deck that i equip. the goblins are the keystone of its effectiveness.
    **read "Goblins, Worst Card or Gold" for more
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    Here is one of my more outspoken Stingy Bogarts on Wargs.
    *props to him for teaching me the term "divert agro"...gotta update over 50 guides now...
    **you know i love it
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      Warg pack could roll thru 2 towers until recently. Don’t see them too often now, and removed from my deck replaced by berserker


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        You can still slap Regeneration, then frenzy.


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          Never mind, warg packs still work me. I’m only scared of warg packs and rock man now.


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            The Warg Pack can finish off a tower even better now that their pounce went up 500 points.


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              Ok now I’m using warg pack again, and keeping rock man. This way I have 2 ways to fast attack towers. I get opponent to commit to countering warg pack and launch rock man in the other lane. Sometimes both lanes fall at the same time from this.