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  • [CCB] Half Moon, Wedge, File

    -A Half Moon Formation maximizes damage, mitigates losses, and provides cross fire support with interlocking sectors of fire.
    Best formation to use to repel enemies filing through the bridge. Weak on the Flank: strong in the Center.
    The Half Moon turns into the Wedge Formation. -

    -Wedge Formations are strong. They have less cross cover fire, but have more coordinated fire.
    Non flying units are forced into a File Formation when crossing the bridge. Keep your front strong. When the front breaks, the formation breaks into a Half Moon.

    -Files are the weakest of the three formations. Files are easily flanked. The overcrowding causes a vulnerability to splash. Splash vulnerability can be mitigated with more space, but the effectiveness suffers. Range of friendly units are very important.
    Use when terrain does not allow for Wedge Formation. Prevent with units capable of crossing rough terrain.
    Easy to reinforce.

    *CCB forces units on paths that limit formation integrity...It would be too hard to recover otherwise. Matches would not be back forth.
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    Very nice strategy tip there to help you cover and protect your units from counter attacks while also making them extremely strong at the same time.