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  • [CCB] Full Spell Deck

    Ok...Time to play a spell slinging necromancer.
    With the new update a huge wealth of options are now more playable.
    Although it is not an ideal deck, I haven't lost yet.
    Magic is less effective if you miss your window.
    Expert timing is a must.
    Ration your Elixir.
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    the deck is very bad. you can do some spell + assassin strategy and its ok but not against good players. i tried it in some videos


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      I never said it was "good".
      I said it can be done...and it is funny.
      A lot of players like to throw a theme here and there to mess with people.
      The theme usually works poorly, but works and forces the enemy to play your game.
      *i made puff the magic dragon over here.


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        Why put towers in front when you can have a gun up front and dwarves will still come up?


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          This is fun too.
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            I have been working this deck, against players in arena 10 and 11. I have 2 options: either use the FAST dragon and keep up with my minions, or use the SLOW Shadow Priestess. I prefer the Shadow Priestess, but the situation dictates.

            Players are caught off 'card' due to the unknown. Opponents are left surprised and have difficulty recovering; this is not a GREAT tactic, but is very cheeky.
            One mistake and the whole thing crumbles. Expert players like Shummer have NEVER lost to the Full Spell deck, but it IS FUN.

            Spells can be replaced with units one by one and have a similar effect, with different bonuses and restrictions. *like freeze vs warlock
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