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    i understand. After upgrade cards show like that [429 39]. So 39÷429=%9.1


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      Glad to hear they're working as intended xario, sorry it took us an extra try

      I'm not aware of any such changes to balance lately but I'm sure Tivinu can give you an update next week. Sounds like mzrunner might be on to something though - the upgrade screen counts up your stat so by the time it's finished you'll see the new total but with old upgrade value.


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        oh, yes. my bad - sorry. so before update you see "current stat (before update)" and "increase". in update screen you see "current stat (after upgrade)" and "increase". so nothing changed.


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          Hey all, sorry for the delay in jumping in on this one.
          xario , glad Brizee was able to help out for this one, cheers for being good about all this (congratz for being the first to get through a full cycle)!

          You're all spot on with the stat growth being ~10% (always some fun with rounding values), and as you've pointed out it's 10% before growth.
          For example, 100 HP would go to 110 HP (which can be seen as 10% of 100 or 9.1% of 110).

          Regarding rarities (Common, Rare, Epic and Mythic), mzrunner is largely right, with it being more indicative of the Cards complexity (the aim is to have all the Cards balanced, although don't forget certain cards counter others and some have more specific high and low moments!).

          The Juggernaut is positioned as a Rare rather than an Epic for a couple of reasons:
          • Firstly, it only features one ability which is not too complex for either the player or the opponent to understand.
          • Secondly, it's important to ensure players have access to Win Conditions at a variety of different rarities (not just Epic and Mythic!)
          We're monitoring the performance of the Cards in the game at the moment and you should be seeing some moderate balance changes in the near future, their aren't any notable trends between rarities and performance as of yet, but we have some balance tools should it start to show they have problems in the early game.