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Warg Pack

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  • Ice
    started a topic [CCB] Warg Pack

    Warg Pack


    Hit Speed
    Deploy Time
    1 Second
    1 + 4


    Level / Spawn Level
    Damage per Second
    Charge Damage
    1 - 3
    762 - 242
    145 - 87
    121 - 73
    218 - 131
    2 - 4
    838 - 266
    160 - 96
    133 - 80
    239 - 144
    3 - 5
    922 - 293
    175 - 105
    146 - 88
    263 - 158
    4 - 6
    1014 - 322
    193 - 116
    161 - 97
    289 - 174
    5 - 7
    1116 - 354
    212 - 128
    177 - 107
    318 - 191
    6 - 8
    1227 - 390
    234 - 140
    195 - 117
    350 - 210
    7 - 9
    1350 - 354
    257 - 154
    214 - 128
    385 - 232
    8 - 10
    1485 - 472
    283 - 170
    236 - 142
    424 - 255
    9 - 11
    1633 - 519
    311 - 187
    259 - 156
    466 - 280
    10 - 12
    1797 - 571
    342 - 205
    285 - 171
    513 - 308
    11 - 13
    1976 - 628
    376 - 226
    313 - 188
    564 - 339

    Strategy Guide

    Warg Pack
    Description - A combination of one Alpha Warg and regular Wargs, the Pack is a very powerful card that creates a mixed threat. Watch out for flyers as the card's cost limits the back-up you can play alongside.

    Strategy Guide – The Warg Pack is a large group of four Wargs accompanied by an Alpha Warg. The card’s high cost is offset by its large pack size. Capable of taking down almost any other unit in face to face combat with a special AOE (Area of Effect) Pounce Attack coupled with huge DPS (Damage Per Second) as well as a massive health pool makes the Warg Pack a first offensive candidate in any battle.

    Warg Packs can be used to support nearly all units, but they’re best suited for protecting Tank units that don’t attack enemy units such as the Ogre Brute, Juggernaut, War Cannon, and Golem. However, when teaming the Warg Pack with other units you need to take into consideration the difference in movement speed because if the difference is too great the Warg Pack may leave the unit they are defending behind as they push forward.

    - Due to their fast movement speed, the Warg Pack is ideal last-minute support for any other units that are suddenly under attack.
    - The Pack’s pounce attack is the perfect way to finish the job, whatever it is. Packs of Wargs are best used against wounded opponents and damaged towers.
    - Deploying the Warg Pack in the center of the battlefield causes the pack to split, providing support on both sides of the field.
    - The Warg Pack can easily take down even the toughest of tanks like the Ogre Brute if used correctly and supported by ranged units such as the Hunting Party, Warlock or Sharpshooter.
    - Frenzy Spell coupled with the Warg Pack's Pounce Attack may be one of the deadliest 10 Elixir combos in the game.

    - High DPS units such as the Berserker can put a stop to a Warg Pack’s attack if positioned correctly
    - The Goblin Bomber can be devasting to a distracted Warg Pack
    - Flying units like the Goblin Airforce or Forest Dragon need to be dealt with quickly by a supporting unit, as the Warg Pack has no way to counter flying units
    - Hordes like the Goblin Horde can overwhelm the Warg Pack or the Hunting Party can take them out from afar.

  • Stingy Bogart
    Warg Packs are a large group of Wargs accompanied with an Alpha Warg. This cards high cost is offset by its large pack; capable of taking down almost anything, in face to face combat: with an almost massive damage per second and Punncing Splash Pounce and Massive Charge Damage, and the massive health pool of the Alpha Warg; the first into combat.

    -The Warg Pack is a combination of similar, yet different units with separate weaknesses. Dual tactics are usually required to disable a Warg Pack before it is worth the elixir cost.

    -Magic Towers quickly kill the Alpha and kill the pack at a moderate rate.
    -Bow Towers are too slow to kill the Alpha quickly and suffer a greater loss.
    -Dwarven towers are defenceless.
    -Cannon Towers work the best against a Warg Pack.

    Weaknesses: (includes units and spells that take the 'pack' out of Warg Pack)

    -Berserker (best to start with alpha, then flank with wargs than to lose the pack.
    -Goblin Bomber (distracted pack)
    -Hunting Party (takes out alpha too. soften the hunting with a spike trap)
    -Goblin Horde (overhead cast prevents pounce)
    -Forest Dragon (fast movement and slow attack speed, low short range damage)


    Hero Abilities-
    -Volley, Ember
    -Guillotine, Mason
    -Splash in general

    -Fast support for your troops.
    -Closing into face to face combat.
    -The massive pounce damage is the perfect way to finish the job, what ever it is. Packs of Wargs are best used against wounded opponents and damaged towers.
    -Casting the Warg Pack in the center causes the pack to split, providing support on both sides of the field.

    -Rejuvenation assists in destroying cannon
    tower; a cost of ten.
    -Multiple units and a Massive health unit provide rush support for ranged units. (hunting party and warg pack is reducules, but the formation splits into two easy to kill formations)

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  • Ice
    Strategy Guide - Part 2

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